The skill of Dual Tapping Your iPhone Screen

Published: 02nd April 2012
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You probably have owned your iPhone for over a seven days, than you have probably modified all of the different purposes and features with this phone, however, were you aware there are many tips that could actually enhance your iPhone practical experience? These kind of techniques aren't anything more than utilizing precisely what is previously been built-into the iPhone. Naturally, the main reason why plenty of people do not understand these tricks is that they haven't taken some time to master the tips for their phone.

Nevertheless, this is very common, due to the fact when you've got a product or service like the iPhone, there are lots of obvious options that searching for the hidden ones can feel monotonous and also unnecessary. Nevertheless, if you wish to encounter all that you're iPhone can do available for you, than you must take some time to uncover these hidden hints.

When you have an iphone, you probably have noticed that you really never need to double-tap one particular item. It seems that every thing within this user interface reacts with a simple one-tap action. Even so, you will find 3 main interfaces that do reply to double-tapping in a different way than if you decide to only tap the display screen once. The first of these functions may be used when you are making use of your iPhone to watch videos.

You have probably noticed that when you are viewing a movie on your iPhone, the display is showing a letterbox image. This is when there are 2 black lines beneath and across the photograph, this provides you with you a larger view. Really, figuring out how the director sees the film, and how it was initially shot. However, there are many individuals who cannot figure to have letterbox on while they are observing a film.

That's where the double-tapping feature comes in handy. When you are observing a movie, basically double tap the display screen, and you will eliminate the letterbox view, and will then be capable of have a full display screen version. Nonetheless, there are some negatives to getting this feature. If the film you are viewing has any sort of subtitles, than you will easily discover that observing it entirely screen mode may cut-off the words.

If you need to undo the entire screen mode, all you need to perform is merely double tap the display and will also be renewed to letterbox arrangement. This is probably the very best functions on the iPhone; nonetheless, it is also among the lesser mentioned. The iPhone is indeed remarkable because it provides you with alternatives on the way you desire to be entertained. Unlike other gadgets that use a standardized solution to demonstrating videos, you might be given an option on how you need to view your movies. This is a great attribute.

The double-tap feature is also used on other applications throughout your iPhone. You will discover these functions within the Photos, Safaris and Google Maps applications. With many of these applications, the double tap feature basically indicates you are going to be zooming into anything you tapped. Say, you wanted to get a much better view of the picture that's around the main page of The New York Times on the web edition. You would then dual tap the photo, and it could be magnified two-times. Every thing that is being amplified on your display is completed by 2. The double tap feature is perfect for numerous types of utilizes, and if you had been unaware of it, grab your iPhone and start testing it out.

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